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Working closely with a physiotherapist can assist you effectively in sports injury prevention, regardless of your age or fitness level. Your physiotherapist can help you to stay fit, manage or recover from injury and prevent sports injuries from recurring. 


Common Causes Of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can occur commonly as a result of 

  • Using the wrong or ill-fitting equipment
  • Using the incorrect technique or training incorrectly
  • A trauma or event on the sports field
  • Weakness or anatomical problems on the part of the athlete

Different Types Of Sports Injuries

Athletic injuries are usually divided into three broad categories: 


Acute injuries

Acute injuries are diagnosed if a traumatic event has caused an injury within the last five days. Examples of acute sports injuries include sprains, strains, fractures and dislocations.


Overuse injuries

These sports injuries are usually harder to diagnose because they are less acute and are accumulated over time. Overuse and burnout occur very commonly with younger athletes who are not given enough recovery time between seasons or between different sports.

Overuse or burnout may be evident through muscle pain or discomfort during exercise or while at rest, a lack of enthusiasm, and a drop in performance.


Overuse can be prevented by ensuring enough rest time is given between sessions and not playing the same sport too often. Correct warming up and cooling down techniques are essential for the prevention of overuse and burnout.


Chronic injuries

A chronic sports injury is usually diagnosed when an injury has lasted for three months or longer.


Tips For Sports Injury Prevention


Don’t over-exercise when you are unfit

Over-enthusiasm and over-doing it can result in injury when you’re unfit. It often happens when you have a burst of energy to get ready for summer, or drop a bit of extra weight in a hurry. Knowing your fitness levels and how far you can push it, can make a big difference to your ability to avoid sports injury.


Learn when it’s time to stop

In the same way that you shouldn’t overdo it when you are unfit, it’s important to know when it’s time to listen to your body and stop exercising. Muscle fatigue will put you at risk of injury.


Warming up and cooling down techniques

These techniques are essential for injury prevention and should be applied with every training or exercise session you do. Sudden stretching or overstretching can cause damage to tendons, muscles and ligaments.

Simple warm up exercises encourage the blood to flow, warm your muscles up, increase your flexibility and make you less susceptible to injury. Just as importantly: some simple cooling down exercises will also help with sports injury prevention by helping your heart rate and temperature return to its pre-workout state and by regulating blood flow.


Staying fit

Falling in and out of fitness can put you at risk of over-doing things. Working with a physio can help you to maintain a constant and ensure you remain fit, despite life’s inevitable ups and downs.


Getting momentum and continuity in your fitness regime and work with a physiotherapist for better sports injury prevention. Please contact us for an appointment: (07) 5613 1531.