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If you are searching for back pain solutions you’ll be pleased to know that you are not alone in your discomfort. As many as one in six Australians have reported suffering from back pain. A great proportion of those people are also chronic back pain sufferers, meaning they experience discomfort for three months or more. Physiotherapy is one effective kind of back pain treatment, but there are a number of different coping strategies you can employ to bring you relief.


The Complexity Of Your Back As A Structure

Your back provides support for your limbs, skull, pelvis and rib cage. It is a complex structure made up of discs and bones. It also holds muscles and ligaments, and problems can occur within any of these components. 


The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain

It is possible to experience back pain without having done a lot of damage to the structures. Understanding the cause is important to choose the most appropriate back pain treatment for you. Pain can be caused by the bones, ligaments or muscles and could be because of:

  • Bad Posture
  • Inactivity (not getting enough exercise)
  • Being too heavy or overweight
  • Injury from repetitive movements, often in the workplace or due to heavy lifting

It is also possible to experience back pain as a result of chronic health conditions such as sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and stenosis. It is less common to experience back pain as a result of serious illness, but if you have concerns you should discuss them with your general practitioner or healthcare provider. 


Investigating Appropriate Back Pain Solutions

Physiotherapy is an effective way to work with a professional who diagnoses the cause of your problem, makes recommendations to stop it from getting worse and makes a plan for your back pain treatment.

A treatment plan could employ a combination of 

  • Exercise therapy
  • Multidisciplinary approaches, working with other professionals
  • Medication when necessary, if the pain is acute.

Why Exercise Is Important? 

In many cases it is also beneficial to start exercising more. It may seem counterintuitive to do exercise, but regular exercise improves your strength and muscle flexibility. Most people also benefit from losing some weight, as this places their back under less strain. Over time, a sustained and consistent approach to exercise can bring back pain relief


Managing Your Ergonomics

In some cases it’s necessary to investigate and reconfigure your posture and how you attempt to lift heavy objects for back pain relief. This could extend to how you sit on your couch, at your work desk and the position of your car seat when driving your car.


Sleep On A Firm Mattress

Because you spend a few hours a night asleep, investing in a firm high quality mattress can also bring you back pain relief.

Ultimately working with a professional to find a combination of physiotherapy strategies is the best long term strategy for back pain relief. This addresses your discomfort and helps to prevent future injury.


If you’d like a customised approach to back pain solutions, it’s best to consult with a professional. Please contact us for an appointment: (07) 5613 1531.

Exercises for Back Pain Management Against Injuries and Relief
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